Multi-fonction brush cutter

Machine power

> 60 CV


Robust attachment to clean, grind and cut grass under the fences and between the trees
HLE steel construction | Minimum required flow: 60 l/min | Rotor speed (RPM): 1200
Brush displacement : 600 mm by a hydraulic cylinder with PEHD wear pads
Cutting head with hydraulic orientation | Kickstand | Servo-hydraulic system
Flow control valve included | Cutting system composed with 3 HD polyurethane blades with obstacle detection | Requires a double-acting hydraulic function | Controler box included | Head on the right side

6330 Multi-fonction brush cutter
Reference Weight (kg) Cutting width (mm)
DEBROUSS650 160 650


Reference Name
COUT-ACIER Brush cutter steel blades

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