Third point

Machine power

> 30 CV


Height: 600 mm | Third point mounting | Shell: 4 mm | Wear pads thickness: 12 mm
Bi-component blade: 125 x 35 mm | Right or left 25° mechanical orientation
At 25°, blade's width is reduced by 10%

6120 Third point
Reference Width (mm) Weight (kg)
LNMF150 3PTS 1,500 130
LNMF180 3PTS 1,800 145
LNMF210 3PTS 2,100 160


Reference Name
RDJM Jockey wheels (instead of wear pads)
FSMF Floating position - Mandatory in order to prevent from using the wear blade
KSM Roadside safety kit - Compulsory for driving: Clearance lights – Orange
OHM Hydraulic orientation_x000D_ Delivered with hoses / without coupling devices

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