Machine power

All power


Brush width: 300 mm | Brush height: 160 mm
Weight may vary according to the choice of bracket
*Mounting on pallet fork sheaths | **Front loader mounting carriage
Please specify sheaths dimensions when ordering

6152 Sweeper
Reference Width (mm)
BAL900-FOUR* 900
BAL1200-FOUR* 1,200
BAL1500-FOUR* 1,500
BAL1800-FOUR* 1,800
BAL2100-FOUR* 2,100
BAL2400-FOUR* 2,400
BAL1500-FIX** 900
BAL1500-FIX** 1,200
BAL1500-FIX** 1,500
BAL1800-FIX** 1,800
BAL2100-FIX** 2,100
BAL2400-FIX** 2,400

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